M. Mukherjee Review date - 06/11/2015


I was suffering from lower back pain for 8/10 years  and frozen shoulder (initial stage) problem for both shoulders. After treatment for around one year, I am feeling much better. The treatment is very effective. The percentage improvement is around 80%

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Nauraldeep Toppo Review date - 26/10/2015


About after 20 days of giving through therapy and medicines about 75% of relief has been obtained. I would definitely recommend Zilaxo if you are suffering from chronic pain. Thank you.

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Archana Mishra Review date - 19/10/2015


Zilaxo has helped me to gain control over the pain. Knowing the fact that RA is not curable and I have to live with it, Zilaxo has come handy. I have started living normal life. Excellent

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Sakuntala Das Review date - 11/10/2015


I am suffering from pain for 15 years. I came to know about Zilaxo from advertisement. Ihave taken physiotherapy for 6 days. Ia m feeling very comfortable. 70% Pain has gone from my both the legs. I am very satisfied.

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Shyamal Prasad Review date - 06/10/2015


My name is Shyamal and I m now 50% free f rom back pain. I started back pain since August 2015. I fell down the stairs in my office and hurt my neck and back. The neck pain stopped after applying ice after two weeks. The back continued to stay even after three weeks so I thought to see a doctor. I did not want pain killers so after trying a doctor in spetember I went to Zilaxo park circus branch. I am still under treatment but the pain is decreasing. The homopathe treatment is doing good

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