Arun Roy Chowdhury Review date - 31/10/2016

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I was very frustrated with the treatment I got at 3 different hospitals for my wife's Rheumatoid Arthritis Problem. Her right hand was serious condition and sh e was in great pain all the time, especially in the morning. My son found an advert by Zilaxo Advanced Pian Solution on this problem of Rheumatoid Arthritis and so I went to the Park Circus branch as it was close to my house. She is still getting treatment but the pain has reduced significantly. The doctors of zilaxo are really helpful and they say that in just a few weeks the problem will go away completely. I hope they are right!

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Raghab Deshmukh Review date - 22/10/2016

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Can NECK PAIN problem be solved in Kolkata? When I started suffering from neck pain in July 2016 I became highly scared! Iwas afraid of taking operation. Just imagine the cost! I would have to give yp my job may be. My neck became sooo stiff that I could no longer work in the office. THe pain stopped my from sleeping at night. In this situation I visited Zilaxo Branch in Ultadanga. 

At the brach I was given physiotherapy using imported equipment from Germany. After 2 weeks of therpay I felt much better. I was albe to get back to work. My neck pain problem is completely under control! 


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Kiran Majumdar Review date - 18/10/2016

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My back problems started in 2015 June month. After coming back from a holiday in Jaipur this back pain problem started. My husband took me straight to hospital for treatment but my pain did not reduce. My pain was constant and I was suffering a lot. Then in September this year I decided to visit the Zilaxo branch in Taratala. I was fed up with the ineffective treatment I was getting and I was desperate to stop the pain. The doctors at Zilaxo assured me that the physiotherapy is powerful enough to stop the pain. I am getting treatment since september but my pain has improved much. I am feeling more comfortable. I am feeling better and I am feeling less discomfort. I am following the doctors advice completely and I hope that the back pain will stop completely.  

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Najeeb Akhtar Review date - 15/10/2016

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Good treatment but the price was high. But my knee pain is stopped. I can walk without the pain. zilaxo treatment is working well for me!!  

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Ritesh Kumar Review date - 12/10/2016

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I want to tell everybody about the traetment my fatherinlaw got for his problem of shoulder pain. His shoulder pain was for 2 years. I took him to 3 differet doctors and hospital for tretament but the pain was still there. From my friend I heard about Zilaxo tretment located in Park Circus Kolkata. My father was under treament for 2 weeks. He says he is pain is decreased and he is feeling better. About 80% reduction in pain is only 2 weeks! My father and I are grateful to Zilaxo for providing such good treatment to common people.    

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