Raju Das Review date - 26/08/2016

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Knee pain took over my life for the last 5 years. I was not being able to move properly at all. My life had become very miserable. I had passed by the Zilaxo Howrah Branch many times, so when nothing was working out, I decided to visit them. As their treatment is completely herbal hence atleast I was not scared of side effects. I got amazing results, even I can’t believe that my knee pain is almost 60% cured in just 5 months. I would highly recommend this health organization to everybody.


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Suman Jaiswal Review date - 19/08/2016

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I was suffering from intense Gout Pain for quite a few years. I had visited a lot of physicians and even had undergone a surgery, but it was all short-lived. One day I came across this ad of a health clinic from a news-daily, since nothing was really benefitting me I thought of even giving it a shot. For the initial few months I wasn’t getting any benefits, I started to believe, it’s going to be one of those I encountered earlier. Surprisingly, after a few months I started to feel improvements, and today I stand straight and strong, free from my pain. The doctors and physicians at Zilaxo Advanced Pain Solution, Park Circus provided me a unique treatment of homoeopathy, ayurvedic unani & physiotherapy, which has not only cured my gout but eradicated the pain permanently. This organization is definitely one of the best one’s in town.

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Pranab Majumdar Review date - 10/08/2016

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My name is Pranab Majumdar. I am living at Shyambazar and was suffering Knee pain from  for the many months before. It all started at 2015 June. The whole year I spent looking at 3 different doctors for good treatment. I was asked to do many tests and undergo scan. Finally, the first doctor found out that I have Osteoarthritis. He gave me 3 different meds but after taking for 2 months there was no improvement. The other twi doctors were also useless. I was tired of taking different meds that did not work. My mother read about Zilaxo. She told me to go there. I was not confident about natural tretmnet but after 3 weeks of medicines, my knee pain problem began to decrease. After 3 months of treatment at August 2016 I was completely cured of pain. The Ultdanga clinic I visited was neat and tidy but very crowded. There was no place to sit. Thanksfully I only had to wait for 20 minutes as I had taken appointment before coming.  

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Ashish Ray Review date - 23/07/2016

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 I was suffering from knee pain for a long period of time. I had heard of Zilaxo from a relative, who was taking a treatment there but I was a bit sceptical about Homeopathic treatment. But as nothing else was working, I finally decided to give it a try. Initially, I couldn't notice any change, but with time the Homeopathic treatment  greatly showed its effects. I have to admit may be because of their complete ayurvedic and natural composition, the medication is a bit costly, but it's definitely worth it !

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Poulomi Mahato Review date - 28/06/2016


I was wandering in Kolkata and was searching for some of the best pain management clinics for my severe knee pain. That time I came to know about Zilaxo from the hoarding placed on the road side of Ultadanga. The hoarding itself said so much about the efficacy by the procedure shown in the given advertisement that I got influenced and prepared myself to visit the clinic atleast once. And believe me it was a wonderful experience coming to Zilaxo. The only thing I didn’t like is the shortness of space due to overlapping patients. However this shows that many people trust the Zilaxo treatment.

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