Asgar Ali Review date - 07/10/2016

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If you get Osteoarthrtis then you are in big trouble. My mother got Osteo and she is 65 years old. She couldnto walk any more because of the pain in the knee (right). She is now gettin treatment from Zilaxo. She says that the treatment is working. The pain is going down and the stiffness is now manageable. May be she will get better in the future.

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Ruma Biswas Review date - 01/10/2016

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I was facing the double problem of neck paina nd back pain. The pain would stop me from sleeping properly and I had to stop working completely. Many times that I woujld die than this. But my husband never lost hope. He took me to Zilaxo Parkcircu branch or treatment. I am still taking treatment after 5 months. the pain has decreased and so I want to continue treatment. Zilaxo is effective!

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Lalita Mondol Review date - 29/09/2016

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My knee pain is now better after I got 4 months treatment from ZilAxo. The physiotherp I got was so effective. Zilaxo treatment is...much better...than rest of Kolkata. 

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Rani Bannerjee Review date - 25/09/2016

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Sciatica is a big problem for my father. He is 58 years old and suffers from back pain and leg pain regularly. Sometimes he can no longer walk. His leg feels senseless. In March of this year he decided to get treatment from Zilaxo. He said that may be he should try a specialist pain clinic, not the local doctor.He was given physiotherapy and medicines and now he says that the pain is almost gone. He is feeling fine now. Thanks Zilaxo! 

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Vandana Gupta Review date - 21/09/2016

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I wanted to get treatment from Zilaxo for my heel pain problem but I wanted to get the Taratala clinic as it was close to my house. I finally got an appointment in June 2016. I had to wait for 3 days for appointment but I wanted to get treatment at Zlaxo only. The behaviour of the managing people and the doctors was good and simple. The doctors looked closely at the rports I had brought and gave me medicine. I was worried that the pain would nt go away as I had been suffering for more than 3 years. I am still under treatment and I can alreadady feel the difference in the pain. I can now walk freely and I am not worried about the pain any more. It is a good thng that I trusted ZILAXO with my health!

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